Order Management

Seamless order flow: Capturing, tracking, and fulfilling customer needs

Our order management is super easy to use and packed with high-tech features. It's designed for all kinds of events, from small get-togethers to big parties. The versatility of the system makes it easy to manage everything. We cater to different food preferences, ensuring all your guests are happy. You can make each guest feel special with our customizable options. Use our easy tools to make your catering events successful and organized.

Raw Material

Our unique feature ensures top-tier quality by automatically calculating the precise raw materials required for each dish.

Our raw material feature is designed to elevate your culinary creations. Imagine a system that not only understands your recipes but also calculates the precise raw materials needed, ensuring nothing goes to waste. With automatic calculations, whether you're crafting a signature dish or catering to a large event, our platform ensures you use exactly what you need. Our raw material feature isn't just about ingredients; it's about transforming your kitchen into a hub of efficiency, creativity, and sustainability. Embrace the future of culinary artistry with our precision-driven technology.

Menu Planning

Optimize ingredient usage through strategic menu planning

Our menu planning feature is the heart of our catering tool. It goes beyond the basics, providing diverse menus for different events – whether it's a small get-together, a big party, or a corporate function. Create impressive menus, delight your customers, build strong relationships, and make a lasting impact with this essential feature.


Guiding stakeholders to take informed decisions

Use our advanced reporting tools to understand your catering business better. See everything – from operations to detailed menus and inventory. It's not just data; it's a smart, paperless way of working. Access all your info easily, anytime, anywhere. This digital upgrade not only makes your work smoother but also lets clients see what's happening. Real-time insights help you make quick adjustments, ensuring all client needs are met promptly and accurately.


Smoother financial flows with quotations made simpler

Turn your digital bills into mistake-free invoices for smooth transactions. We ensure your financial tasks are easy, accurate, and stress-free. Our quotation feature uses technology to save you time and effort, providing an error-free foundation for your business. Manage your finances effortlessly, ensuring flawless invoices every time.

Agency Distribution

Simplified Agency Distribution to expand with ease

Our Agency Distribution feature connects caterers, turning one's extra supplies into another's needs. It's a win-win system. If you lack ingredients, connect with fellow caterers to avoid waste. Our platform makes collaborations easy, using shared resources and networks. Enjoy the freedom to create diverse, perfect menus for any event.