What We Do

Your digital BFF for catering food & joy

Hi there! We're your new kitchen partner. We combine accuracy with digital systems for your catering business. Our advanced solutions and clever ideas make your work smoother. As tech experts and catering magicians, we're here to make your catering services stand out. With our experience, creativity, and practicality, we're here to support the success of your business.

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Our Vision

We imagine a world where all catering businesses have access to digital tools for optimized processes. We want all types of catering businesses to be efficient and accurate through our tech expertise and solutions.

Our Mission

We're on an expedition to fill the catering industry with innovative technology with not just software but also as a culinary companion that keeps your work streamlined and allows you to dedicate your time to other things wisely. We want to change the way caterers look at events from it being hectic to a piece of cake for them.

Our Goal

Our goal is to get rid of all catering issues by the use of technology to empower caterers. We aim at streamlining operations, providing seamless solutions and helping them champion sustainability. Through intuitive features like precise inventory management, menu planning, and automated invoicing, we are here to create unforgettable events. With JUCAS, we envision a future where every caterer achieves unmatched efficiency and focuses more on its culinary excellence and not just managing operations.

Our Story

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