Features of our Digital Solutions

Order Management
Introducing a seamless way to order management

Use our easy digital system to handle orders smoothly – it captures, tracks, and fulfills customer orders without any hassle. Shrink errors, maximize satisfaction and uplift your catering business.

Raw Material
Raw materials measurement

Your special ingredient for top-notch quality. Our system automatically calculates the precise raw materials required for each dish. Turn normal meals into special delights with perfect ingredient measurement.

Menu Planning
Menu planning helps you maximise the use of each ingredient.

Be surprised by a simple tool that helps plan menus. It shows you ingredients and improves your event planning. Whether your event is big or small, the tool creates a special menu for a great food experience.

Revealing the results with reports

Our report model gives helpful insights for smart decisions. It helps you understand data to improve catering services, like planning menus and analyzing work. This makes things better over time.

Automatic quotation workflow

Tired of billing problems? Use our automatic quotation feature to simplify your financial process. It makes estimating easy, creating digital bills and automated invoices to avoid mistakes.

Agency Distribution
Scale up with Agency Distribution

Cater with confidence now for a seamless expansion. With the agency distribution feature, you can create powerful collaborations with agencies, get more exposure to resources, eliminate waste, and receive the maximum out of your menus each time.



Get over with the manual processes and enhance service delivery. Be it order management or menu planning, save the prep hassle and reduce manual errors by integrating our digital system.


Go more precise–track orders accurately without any risk on invoices. Our excellent digital system helps you save cost and makes your customers happier.

Inventory Management

Track your inventory in real-time. This helps you pre-plan the ingredients needed. This way, there’s no overstocking or shortage. Now you can get more productive and waste less.

Order Tracking

From placement to fulfillment, track orders in one click. Boost customer satisfaction by ensuring on-time delivery and become punctual in fixing issues. Ready to set a new benchmark in customer service?

Billing and Invoicing

Say yes to our digital billing system and you’ll get more speed and accuracy in the transactions. Accelerate payment processing by reducing paperwork and generating automated digital bills.


Access all your catering data and tools anytime, from anywhere. With JUCAS, you get empowered to work remotely and efficiently.

Catering made easy, JUCAS made smarter

Join us on a seamless journey through our all-in-one catering software in our exclusive demo. From Menu Planning and Execution to generating Reports and Billing invoices, experience the magic of effortless catering management right at your fingertips. Save valuable time, manage with ease, and boost your profits. Welcome to a new era of catering excellence. Witness the magic in our software demo!

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